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    Scheduling & promoting a release


    We recommend scheduling your distribution release at least 1-month in advance from the release date.


    As delivery time can vary, we recommend allowing as much time as you can to submit your release and promote as needed.

         Example: Release date is August 31, 2021. Submit your completed release by July 31, 2021. 



    General Distribution Release Timeline:

    • *Day 1: Submit your release.
    • *Day 1-5: **Songtradr processes the release.
    • *Day 1-10: Songtradr delivers your release to your chosen DSPs (distribution platforms). Once "Released" in your Distribution tab, you can confirm your release date.
    • Release Date:  Please allow 24-hours for all regions of the world to view your new release on all DSPs.


    Priority Distribution Release Timeline:

    • *Day 1: Submit your release
    • *Day 1: Songtradr processes the release
    • *Day 1-3 - Songtradr delivers your release to your chosen DSPs (distribution platforms).
    • Release Date: Your release will be live on major platforms within 3 business days



    - *Day refers to business days (Monday-Friday) 

    - Release dates are in (Month/Date/Year) format



    Once your music is delivered to your chosen online stores, you will be able to find it in your "Upcoming Music" section within various DSPs. Via Support, you can also collect your URI(s) 7 working days before the release date and begin submitting to playlists. Simply submit a request at the top of this page!


    Note: You cannot receive URIs on the first release through Songtradr under a new artist name. 



    ** Songtradr Distribution Notifications: 

    • Draft - Your release has not been submitted yet.
    • Under Review - Your release has been submitted and our team is reviewing that all entries are correct. 
    • Released - Your release has been processed and delivered to the streaming platforms. The Release Date will be visible for future reference. 
    • Processing - Your release is currently processing and needs more attention from the distribution team.
    • Needs Attention - Your release has an error that needs to be fixed before resubmitting again for review.


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