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    How to Switch My Music to Songtradr from Another Distributor


    Thinking of distributing using Songtradr? Awesome!

    Here is a quick summary with more info below:

    1. Upload your release to Songtradr with all the same info as your old release and distribute.
    2. Contact your old distributor on the day of your new release and ask them to remove your old release.

    Let's get down to the nitty-gritty:

    You're going to have to release your album on Songtradr with the exact same details as you released under your old distributor. Use the same UPC code for your album and Song ISRCs for your individual tracks as long as the album you're redistributing is exactly the same. If the album has changed, like adding or removing tracks, you should use a new UPC. If an individual track has changed, like a new recording or remix, you should use a new ISRC. If you need new UPC or ISRC codes leave the field blank and we will generate new ones for you for free.

    IMPORTANT: Track linking is not 100% guaranteed but by making sure all your metadata, like songs names and album title, match exactly the odds increase greatly.

    Once you've selected a release date for your music, contact your old distributor and ask them to take down your music on the same date as your new release. There is always either going to be an overlap of some kind between the time your old distributed music is removed and your new music is live. This is due to the review process of each store.

    IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you do not take down your release from your old distributor until the release from Songtradr is live and has linked with the old release. The reason for this is if the tracks do not link you can try again without losing your old release play count.

    Let's recap!

    • Make sure all metadata matches the initial delivery including audio, ISRC, product type (single/album) and all other metadata.
    • Deliver at least 7 business days in advance of the set live date.
    • Wait until both releases are live and see if they have linked by comparing play counts before removing your music from the old distributor.
    • Alternatively, if you wish to remove the old music at the same time the new music goes live, please make sure the old music has the same end date as the new music release date.

    IMPORTANT: If the old release and new release do not link play count, you will need to contact artists support. Make sure you include all the information and are clear as possible. They may not reply to the email but keep checking your page to see if the play count links. You can also have us take down the new release and retry as long as you've kept your old release live.





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