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    Digital distribution is the online or electronic delivery or distribution of content which may be streamed or downloaded via digital stores or streaming services as opposed to the more traditional method of physical distribution i.e. CDs, paper or any physical stock.


    With the growth and advancement of internet bandwidths, digital distribution capabilities have increased with more choice and improved quality of products offered to consumers.


    It can be an additional source of income for popular artists and is one of the leading ways for up-and-coming artists to gain exposure.




    Songtradr offers several options for artists who wish to distribute their music to Spotify, Apple Music, and all major distribution outlets. Our subscription structure is calculated from the number of artists you wish to distribute.   



    Lite Subscription: For those who wish to only distribute for 1-artist, Songtradr users can choose the Lite subscription for $19 per year! 

    Lite offers unlimited uploads for each release with 100% distribution royalties and full control of music rights. You can also take advantage of advanced analytics and trend reporting, and receive 60% of sync revenue. 


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    Pro Subscription: Unlimited distribution for 1-100 artists. Starting at USD$5 per month or USD$49 per year!

    Becoming a Songtradr Pro provides many additional benefits including mobile notifications, reduced licensing fees and unlimited releases to all major distribution outlets. Plus, you receive 80% of sync revenue and 100% distribution royalties.  


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