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    Songtradr Distribution


    Songtradr offers two options for users who wish to distribute their music to Spotify, Apple Music, and all major distribution outlets.

    What's included:

    • Unlimited releases
    • 100% royalties
    • No hidden fees
    • UPC and ISRC codes included
    • Intuitive payment splitting
    • Advanced analytics and trend reporting
    • Custom Artwork Editor

    Option 1

    Becoming a Songtradr Pro provides many additional benefits to a free account including mobile notifications, increased submission credits, and reduced licensing fees plus unlimited releases to all major distribution outlets for USD$49 per year or USD$5 per month.

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    Option 2

    For those who wish to remain a free user but would like distribution services, Songtradr users can simply add Songtradr Lite for $19 per year.

    This includes all the benefits of Songtradr's music management tools and access to the licensing marketplace plus unlimited releases to all major distribution outlets.

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