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    What is a 'Master'?


    What is a Master?

    • The original sound recording of a song.​

    What are Master Rights?

    • Rights to own the original recording of a song​

    Who owns the Master Rights?

    • Usually whoever finances the recording. Often, this is a record label but can be the independent artists.​

    What is a Master License?

    • Gives the license holder the right to use a recorded piece of music in a media project such a film, TV show, commercial or another visual creation or audio project.
    • Only one issued per song​

    Why is a Master License important to you?

    • In order to use a song in a visual project, you must have a sync license and master license.
    • There are typically multiple owners of a piece of music, so everyone has to approve the use. The agreement covers the scope of how the music will be used, including the right to play or perform the music publicly.​

    How can Songtradr help?

    • Allows you to connect with all owners.
    • Scope of how the music will be used is made apparent. (Transparency)
    • All owners receive alerts for transaction and can approve use.
    • Appropriate payments distributed among the owners.
    • No worries about negotiations getting held up.
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