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    Login security feature (two-factor authentication)


    We take your privacy and security seriously at Songtradr. Protecting your information is important to us, which is why we want to encourage you to add an extra layer of security to your Songtradr account.


    If you have already set up Two-Factor Authentication to login, great! This is the best way to protect yourself from fraud and other unwanted privacy issues. 


    To set up Two-Factor Authentication:

    • Log in to your Songtradr account
    • Click the Account button at the bottom-left of your Artist dashboard. 
    • Go to the Two Factor Authentication tab to proceed.


    From here, you will need to install the Google Authenticator app to proceed.


    1. Install the Google Authenticator app for your mobile device
    2. Start the Google Authenticator App and scan the QR code (this will be on the left of your screen in the Two-Factor tab)
    3. Enter the 6-digit code from the Authenticator app and click confirm
    4. Your account now has an extra level of security!
    5. You can also find these instructions in the two-factor authentication tab.


    Two Factor Img.png



    If you have any questions about setting this up, or if you need help refreshing the authentication app for your account, please submit a request here.

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