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    Ineligible content for Facebook & Instagram


    If you have selected Facebook & Instagram as a platform to distribute your music to, please be aware of the following restrictions, as not all content is allowed.


    Meta has now announced a further reduction of eligible content types and genres.

    Not allowed:
    • Production loops
    • Soundbeds
    • Sound effects
    • Remixes
    • Covers
    • Sound-alike covers
    • Karaoke tracks
    • Modern Classical Music / Classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain 
    • Film scores
    • Ambient, meditation, new age, yoga, or sleep music
    • DJ sets or continuous mixes
    • Spoken word recordings
    • Comedy recordings
    • Film recordings (that are not the musical score to a film)
    • Speeches
    • Prayer recordings
    • Audiobooks
    • Podcasts
    • Nature or wildlife recordings
    • Ambient sound recordings
    • Noise
    • Recordings or descriptions of sexual acts


    Most of these genres will be automatically blocked by our system for delivery to Meta outlets, but please keep this in mind and do not try to circumvent these restrictions!

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