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    How to fix "unallocated earnings"


    When you receive a distribution earnings report you may see a section titled Unallocated Earnings. This will happen when you have distributed songs with incomplete metadata. 


    To begin, click Distribution on the left navigation menu




    • Click Statements



    There, you will see your detailed earnings report. On the left, you will see your Earnings Overview

    • Click View Songs in the Unallocated Earnings section




    From there, a list of songs that need to be fixed will appear

    • Click Complete Song Data


    This will take you to your song page:


    • Fill out the Recording and Copyright information in order to activate your song
    • Once complete, the unallocated earnings will automatically appear in your earnings report
    • Continue with the rest of the songs listed


    Note: Only the Recording section needs to be complete to collect unallocated earnings, but we recommend fully activating your tracks.


    How to activate songs >

    Understanding your Distribution Earnings Report >







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