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    Scheduling & Promoting My Distribution Release


    We recommend scheduling your distribution release at least 1-month in advance from the release date. As delivery time can vary, we recommend allowing as much time as you can to submit your release and promote as needed.

         Example: Release date is August 31, 2021. Submit your completed release by July 31, 2021. 


    General Distribution Release Timeline:

    • *Day 1: Submit your release.
    • *Day 1-5: **Songtradr processes the release.
    • *Day 1-10: Songtradr delivers your release to your chosen DSPs (distribution platforms). Once "Released" in your Distribution tab, you can confirm your release date.
    • Release Date:  Please allow 24-hours for all regions of the world to view your new release on all DSPs.

    Priority Distribution Release Timeline:

    • *Day 1: Submit your release
    • *Day 1: Songtradr processes the release
    • *Day 1-3 - Songtradr delivers your release to your chosen DSPs (distribution platforms).
    • Release Date: Your release will be live on major platforms within 3 business days

    Note: *Day refers to business days (Monday-Friday) 

    Note: Release dates are in (Month/Date/Year) format


    Once your music is delivered to your chosen online stores, you will be able to find it in your "Upcoming Music" section within various DSPs. Via Support (support@songtradr.com), you can also collect your URI(s) 7 working days before the release date and begin submitting to playlists! 

    Note: You cannot receive URIs on the first release through Songtradr under a new artist name. 


    ** Songtradr Distribution Notifications: 

    • Draft - Your release has not been submitted yet.
    • Under Review - Your release has been submitted and our team is reviewing that all entries are correct. 
    • Released - Your release has been processed and delivered to the streaming platforms. The Release Date will be visible for future reference. 
    • Processing - Your release is currently processing and needs more attention from the distribution team.
    • Needs Attention - Your release has an error that needs to be fixed before resubmitting again for review.


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