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    How to promote your upcoming release using Songtradr Distro's Pre-sale option?


    Pre-sale gives you the ability to promote your upcoming Release ahead of time by pre-selling on download platforms such as Amazon Music and Apple Music. Pre-sales typically publish 7 days before your Release date. Please factor this into your Release schedule.

    Benefits of Pre-sale

    • Pre-sales count towards your iTunes chart position. Engaging your fans to purchase your Pre-sale can lead to more exposure on your release date
    • You can market your single/album before the release date with your Pre-sale link
    • Fans who have purchased your Pre-sale can receive an automatic download of your single/album on the release date

    Here's how:

    When you reach the Schedule page of the distribution process:


    • Select Pre-sale for your single/album
    • Choose your Release Date
    • Click Continue



    Note: Pre-sales are only available on Apple Music, Amazon and other download platforms.


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