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    How to create and manage a Music Brief


    Using Songtradr’s AI-powered Sync Matching system you can source music directly from our global community of artists. Create your own music brief and then review submissions which are delivered from most to least relevant for your project.


    Creating a music brief


    • Click Manage Music Briefs 





    • Click Create Music Brief 



    On the Project Details page, you can enter information such as:
    • Type of Business
    • Type of Project
    • Media usage Category
    • The Price you are willing to pay
    • Project Name (used for your own reference only)
    • The Submission Window - how long artists have to submit their music which can be between 4 hours and 10 days
    • Description to provide relevant information about the project
    • When you are done, click Next
    Note: At any stage of the process you can go back to any page by clicking the dots in the progress bar up top. 




    • Select up to three Genres by clicking on the icons
    • Click Next





    • Select up to three Moods by clicking on the icons
    • Click Next





    • Select up to three Themes by clicking on the icons
    • Click Next





    • Select the desired Tempo range/s
    • Select the desired Vocal Type 
    • Check Allow Explicit Content if desired
    • In the Style of allows you to enter well-known artists for further reference
    • When you are done, click Next





    Now you can review a draft of your Music Brief!

    From here you can either:
    • Click Save Draft if you wish to complete your Music Brief at a later time. You will be taken back to the Manage Music Briefs page
    • Click Post to publish your Music Brief





    Congratulations, you have successfully posted your new Music Brief! 
    • Click Okay to go back to the Manage Music Briefs page
    You will receive an email confirming that your Music Brief is live.









    • On the Manage Music Briefs page, click Review to listen to songs submissions
    • Click the pencil icon to edit that Music Brief




    At the top of the page you can:  
    • Select your Music Briefs from the dropdown menu at the top of the page
    • Click View Details to go back to the original Music Brief 
    For an efficient review process you can:
    • Click NoMaybe or Add to Cart for each submission
    • Use the letters N or M as shortcuts for No and Maybe, respectively
    • Select All Songs, Not ReviewedNoMaybeAdded To Cart, or Licensed
    • Use the filters on the left hand navigation bar to refine submissions
    • Click View Details to view, edit or delete your Brief





     Happy listening!



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