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    Can Songtradr distribute my songs to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram?


    Yes, Songtradr distributes to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram!


    Getting involved takes no extra effort on your part. If you are distributing your music through Songtradr and have checked the “TikTok” and "Facebook + Instagram" boxes, you can be found in their extensive libraries. Songtradr Pro or Lite users receive 100% of any distribution royalties.


    Unsure if your release will be distributed to these platforms? Follow these steps to confirm:


    1. Login to your account 

    2. Click the Distribution tab on the left navigation menu






    3. Create a release (single or album) OR click any of your Unfinished Releases.






    4. Complete each of the steps as shown in the Distribution progress bar above each page                          (i.e. Details > Artwork > Songs > Stores > Schedule > Finalize).


    5. On the Stores page, make sure Facebook + Instagram and TikTok are checked, for your release to be distributed to these platforms.


    6. Click Save.







    1. We recommend turning the Future Stores checkbox on. This way, your release will be included if a new store becomes available on Songtradr.
    2. You will need to confirm your opt-in information for each release separately.
    3. Once your releases are live, you may wish to link your music to your artist profiles on these platform. Please see our FAQ on how to claim your profiles here.
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