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    Add an Artist name to a track



    It's important to note that all artist names and ownerships that belong to an account should be entered in the Ownership Settings prior to activating music. If you have not done so already, click here.


    To add a new Artist name to a track, follow the steps below:


    • Login to your account
    • Click My Songs on the left navigation bar


    • Click the song you wish to edit


    • Click Edit Song Details


    • If you have previously added your artist name, you can select it from the dropdown as you start typing in the Main Artist field
    • Click Add

    If this is your first song with this artist name, click + New Artist:



    A New Artist popup window will appear


    • Enter your artist name in the Display Name field
    • In the Artist Email Address field:
      • If the artist is you, please enter the same email address you have used for your Songtradr account
      • If the artist is not you, please enter their email address in the Artist Email Address field so you can connect them to the song
    • Click Add when you are done

     Repeat this process for any Featured or Contributing artists on the song







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