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    How to Upload Your Music


    Go back to Completing Ownership Settings if you are:


    Before uploading your music, click here to learn more about instrumentals and additional files.


    To begin, click Upload Music on the left navigation menu or top-right of your screen. 




      • Check the box to accept the Music Rights Terms and Conditions >
      • Click Browse to locate and select the audio file(s) from your computer, or drop the file(s) directly onto the upload window.





    Your audio file will load beneath the upload window.

    • If your audio file is a Main Mix, select Main Mix from the Version dropdown. If your song is an instrumental version only, this would be considered your Main Mix. Click Submit & Continue.


    • If this audio file is an additional instrumental mix, stem, cutdown, etc. of a song, select the appropriate version from the Version dropdown. Click Add to Existing Song.



    • Select the correct song from your catalog in the pop-up window.
    • Click Add & Close or Add & Edit Song to begin entering song information.



    Next Step: Get full details on how to activate your uploads by using Songtradr’s Content Management System >




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