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    The Song Summary page


    Songtradr's Song Summary Page is an overview of the details of any song in your catalog on one page. This means that at any given time, you are able to see the current status of that song at a glance, including, for instance, how many times that song has been Favorited, Shortlisted, and Licensed, if Ownership Settings are complete, or whether that song has been opted into any Monetization deals. You will also find Songtradr's Embedded Player tool, which allows you to share music on your website or blog.




    • Login to your account
    • Click My Songs on the left-hand navigation bar




    • Click the song you wish to view in the Song Summary Page




    You should now be on that song's Summary Page



    From here you can:

    1. View Plays, how many times the song has been Favorited, Playlisted, Shortlisted or Licensed
    2. View the Monetization Deals to which this song has been opted in
      1. Click Go to Monetization to view all Deals on Songtradr's Monetization Board
    3. View any Licenses
      1. Click Go to Transaction & Licenses to view your Transactions history
    4. Click Edit Song Details at any time to return to the Ownership Settings pages for that song. This is where you can edit Recording, Copyright, Metadata, Audio Files and Pricing information
    5. Obtain a code to embed this song into your website or blog via our Embedded Player

    Learn more about Songtradr's Embedded Player >


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