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    How should I tag my song?



    It's a good idea to tag each song as accurately as you can, focusing on relevant, commonly-searched identifiers as well as any unique aspects. These tags will help steer music searchers straight to your song.

    By ensuring each song is tagged with the correct genre, keywords, moods, themes and 'In the Style Of', you are giving your songs the best chance to be discovered and licensed by prospective buyers with specific needs. 

    Step-by-step tagging:

    • Login to your account
    • Click My Songs on the left navigation bar


    • Click the song you wish to tag


    • Click Edit Song Details


    • Click the Metadata tab to open up the metadata fields


    From here, you can complete information about:


    • Vocal Type
    • Explicit content
    • Tempo
    • BPM
    • Genre
      • Sub-genres
    • Mood
      • Sub-moods
    • Theme
    • Featured Instrument
    • Era
    • Musical Key
    • In the Style of
    • Keywords


    Note: Vocal Type, Explicit, and Genre are required fields.


    Click Save when you are done! 



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