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    Completing Ownership Settings as a Record Label


    Learn more about completing Ownership Settings if you are:


    Fill out your Record Label information, then connect the Artist to the Label.


    There are 3 steps to complete.


    STEP 1 - Go to your Ownership Settings


    • Login to your account
    • Click Account at the bottom left of the dashboard





    • Click Ownership Settings in the left navigation bar




    If you are yet to fill in any information, you will see a pop-up requesting you to Update Account Settings about your role.

    • Check all the boxes that apply to you
    • Click Save





    STEP 2 - Fill in Record Label Information

    Click Individual (Artist/Writer) or Business (Publisher/Label) to minimize/maximize those fields


    • In this instance, we are adding Record Label information, so click the Business (Publisher/Label) field to maximize, then click the Add Business link





    • Enter your Record Label name in the Business Name field
    • Select Record Label from the Role dropdown 


    Note: If your browser window is expanded, you will also see Frequently Asked Questions on the right-hand side as a handy reference.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if my Business is both a Publisher and Record Label?

    If your Business operates under the same legal name, then you can select the role as Publisher/Record Label.

    What if I have multiple Business entities?

    If your Business entities do not operate under the same legal name, then you can add multiple Businesses.



    • New fields will appear for entering the Email Address & Phone Number associated with this label
    • Click Save





    STEP 3 - Add Artists Represented by this Label


    Below the Email Address field, you can add Artists Represented by this Business.

    • Click the Add New Artist link





    • A pop-up window will appear where you can enter Legal Name, Display Name and Email Address
    • Click Add




    Your new artist information will appear below the record label details. You can also delete these entries by clicking the red trash icon to the right of each identity.




    • Click the pencil icon, next to the trash icon, to edit Writer information
    • Click World if you would like to customize the territories for which this Writer is represented
    • Click Save Territory


    10_Ownership_Settings_Record_Label_-_Territory.png   (Territory pop-up window)


    • Don’t forget to click Save to confirm your information.


    Congratulations. You have completed your Ownership Settings as a Record Label!


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