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    What can/cannot be edited on your completed Songtradr release?


    Once a release has been uploaded and distributed to the streaming platforms, there is no guarantee that all stores will implement any requested changes thereafter. It's important then, to thoroughly check all the details of your release before submitting.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot request an edit or takedown for a release until 14-days after the release date.


    If you do find you need to make changes to your release after delivery, you have two options:


    Option 1: Take down your release and re-upload a new and corrected version

    • This is the recommended option and the only guaranteed way to ensure your changes will be implemented
    • You will receive a new UPC code for the updated release


    Option 2: Request a metadata update

    • This option does not guarantee any requested changes will be implemented by all stores
    • Spotify will implement your changes within 2 business days
    • Apple, Google, and Amazon generally implement any requested updates, however this process can take up to 2-weeks
    • Other stores can take up to several months and may not implement changes at all


    Before requesting a takedown, it’s good to know what can and cannot be edited on your release with a metadata update. Knowing the guidelines can potentially save you time and allow you to keep your release active and working for you.



    What you CAN edit

    Please be sure to "Submit a Request" at the top of this page to complete the "Distribution - Release Edit" form for the following edits: 


    What you CANNOT edit

    • Audio files
    • Main Artist Name change for more than 5-releases. Click here for more details. 


    If you do have an updated audio file, we recommend not deleting the original release. Leave as is and upload your new version as “My Song Remastered” or “My Song Remixed”. This means you get to keep any data accumulated so far.




    • If you choose to adjust your Artist Name, you will also need to provide updated artwork which reflects the artist name change.
    • Please be meticulous when checking the details of your release before submitting as not every platform will guarantee metadata updates.
    • Again, It is important to note we cannot make any corrections, i.e. takedowns or edits, to a release within 14 days of the release date. 
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