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    Understanding your Distribution Statements


    Standard Distribution Platform accounting periods typically run on a 2-3 month cycle. Therefore, all earnings from your releases will appear on your Earnings Report approximately 2-3 months after any reported streams and downloads.


    It's good to remember that expected earnings may fall outside a certain accounting period and should then appear in the next Earnings Report.


    To view your Distribution Statements:

    • Login to your account
    • Click Distribution on the left navigation menu
    • Then, click Statements in the navigation menu

    DJ Arro - Distro.png




    This will bring up earnings for that month's report. For example, the report you receive in September will show July's earnings.




    • Click into any of your releases to view associated earnings by stream and download. Earnings will be separated by your chosen platforms and territories.




    • To get a downloadable CSV of your distribution earnings report, click Request Detailed CSV for [month, year]



    Once the funds are in your Songtradr account, they are available for withdrawal provided you have reached the minimum amount of USD$10.00 via PayPal.


    Note: You can split distribution earnings with your co-owners by connecting them as a master owner on your tracks. Click here for Directions to connect co-owners >


    Next: Alternatively, you can review all earnings with the Revenue Platform. Click here to learn more!

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