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    Understanding your Distribution Earnings Report


    Standard Distribution Platform accounting periods typically run on a 2-month cycle. Therefore, all earnings from your releases will appear on your Earnings Report approximately 2 months after any reported streams and downloads.

    It's good to remember that expected earnings may fall outside a certain accounting period and should then appear in the next Earnings Report.

    To view your Distribution Earnings report:

    • Login to your account
    • Click Transactions & Licenses on the left navigation menu



    This will bring up your Transactions history window.

    • Click the Distribution Earnings link of the month you would like to view



    This will bring up earnings for that month's report. For example, the report you receive in September will show July's earnings.



    • Click into any of your releases to view associated earnings by stream and download. Earnings will be separated by your chosen platforms and territories.



    • To get a downloadable CSV of your distribution earnings report, click Request Detailed CSV for [month, year]


    Once the funds are in your Songtradr account, they are available for withdrawal provided you have reached the minimum amount of USD$10.00 via PayPal.


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