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    How much will I make from a sync license?


    Music license pricing varies depends on the scope and nature of the placement. There are many factors that determine the amount earned including Project and Placement type, the Media Format and territories covered etc.


    You can customize pricing for your music by opting in and out of specific project types like Advertisements, Film, Apps and Video Games. You can also choose to opt-out of automatic pricing in specific territories, e.g. if you have an existing arrangement with publishers or partners in those particular territories.


    Automatic pricing is the default and recommended setting as it aligns your music with industry pricing and encourages efficient licensing.


    It's important to note that if your song is licensed through Songtradr's online process, you should receive payment once the license is processed. If the buyer is a Music Supervisor or Filmmaker who is working directly with our music team, payment may take anywhere from 90 - 120 days.


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