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    UPCs and ISRC codes


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    What is a UPC/EAN code and how do I get one?

    A UPC code is a Universal Product Code (i.e. barcode). All releases through Songtradr are provided with free UPC codes.



    Can I provide my own UPC?

    Yes, if you have previously released your Album/EP or Single and have a UPC you can enter it when prompted.


    Here's how:

    • At the Schedule stage of the distribution process, switch the 'This Single or Album has been released before' toggle to ON (Blue)
    • Select the Original Release Date
    • Enter the Original Release UPC or EAN code
    • Click Save & Continue


    Note: The original release date cannot be in the future of the release date you are selecting for this album.



    Provide UPC.png




    Can I Provide ISRC Codes for distribution?

    Yes, if you already have an ISRC code for your track, simply provide it when prompted.


    Here's how:

    • At the Songs stage of the distribution process, click the song title to open up the Song Editor


    Distro - Song Editor.png


    • Enter your ISRC code in the text field
    • Click Save


    Distro - ISRC.png



    Songtradr UPC and ISRC codes for completed releases

    Locating your UPC and ISRC codes through the dashboard is easy. Follow the guide below once you've logged in!


    • Click the Distribution tab on the left navigation menu



    • Click on your Completed Release





    • Here you will find your UPC and ISRCs!






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