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    The Songtradr app allows users to view their profile and manage their catalog. Songs can be submitted for licensing opportunities from our Music Wanted listings and then tracked from the submission progress page.


    • Play your featured songs
    • Easily share your music or profile to social media, emails, mobile and more
    • Track song plays, likes, followers and music licenses
    • Click the Music Wanted icon to view current listings (Icon_Wanted_App.PNG second from the left)
    • Click specific Music Wanteds for more info


    When you have found a Music Wanted which fits your music, you can select which songs to submit. Once your music is submitted to the listing, the Songtradr app allows you to track your progress in real-time!


    • To submit your music, click Select Songs to Submit


    • Select which songs to submit from your catalog and click Submit
    • Confirm the submission
    • Click OK once your submission is completed
    • Notifications will be displayed with a number for any active submissions
    • Click the notification to view the listing
    • Click View Submission Progress to check the status of your submission
    • As your song successfully advances through the queue, it will turn orange


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