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    Creative Casing for Distribution


    Most major platforms have a set style guide for casing of song titles and artist names. To ensure successful delivery, Songtradr may adjust your casing to comply.

    Some rules:

    • The first letter of every word is capitalized except for small words like “or”, "and" or "it" unless it's the first or last word of the title e.g "Take Me or Take It"
    • Creative casing will be adjusted e.g. RoCkYoUrboDY to Rockyourbody, JohnDoe to Johndoe
    • All caps will be adjusted e.g. SNBRN to Snbrn

    There are some exceptions to the above:

    • Common acronyms like LOL, OMG, RIP, ASAP
    • Artists with a specific arrangement with the distribution platform e.g. SBTRKT, LMFAO, NoMBe, ScHoolboy Q


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