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    How to transfer music to Songtradr from another distributor


    Switching a current release from another distributor to Songtradr is a fairly straightforward process. It's vital to note, however, if your release has existing song data you wish to retain and transfer across, there are a few crucial steps to follow in order to properly link the tracks during the transfer process.



    1. Track linking is not 100% guaranteed as each distributor's release process can differ, but by ensuring accurate matching of all your data during the transfer process, you can optimize your chances of success.

    2. We cannot guarantee play data will be transferred during a distributor change over. This is completely up to the stores and how they prefer to manage linking play data to assets.

    3. During a major distribution changeover, songs can/may remain on stores as duplicates for up to 2 weeks.

    4. Your previous distributor may receive funds for plays up to 24 months post changeover - so we encourage you to keep your accounts with your previous distributors open to ensure you collect all applicable royalties!



    1. Upload your release to Songtradr and complete the distribution process.  

    REMEMBER! Your Songtradr release must reflect the exact same details as the release with your previous distributor for the best chance to retain your song data.

    To do so, the following must match exactly:

      • Track Audio (duration, format)
      • Product type i.e. single, EP, album
      • Song or album title
      • Version Title
      • Artists
      • UPC (Universal Product Code) for the single, EP or album
      • ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) for individual tracks
      • All other metadata


    2. If you wish to release by a specific date, deliver at least 14 business days in advance of the set live date.


    3.  Wait until both releases are live and check if they have linked by comparing play counts before requesting your previous distributor remove your previous release.


    Note: IT IS RECOMMENDED you do not remove your release from your previous distributor until the release from Songtradr is live and has linked with the previous release. Alternatively, if you wish to remove the old content at the same time the new content goes live, please make sure the old content has an end date which matches the live date of the new content, or a takedown to take effect the same day as the new content goes live.


    4.  If the previous and new releases do not appear to have linked, you can try contacting the relevant distributor's artist support. Make sure you include all information as clearly as possible. Support response can vary but while you wait, keep checking your page to see if there has been any change and if the releases have subsequently linked.


    If sufficient time has passed and you have made no progress, as long as your previous release is still live, you can contact Songtradr to request we take down the new release and retry the process on your behalf.


    For Spotify Artist Support, use this link >



    • you will need a new UPC if the track listing has changed i.e. you have added or removed any tracks
    • you will need a new ISRC for any individual track that has changed i.e. you have made a new recording or remix
    Note: Leave the field blank and a new UPC or ISRC will automatically be generated for you for free.
    Next Step: Learn how to locate and log your ISRC/UPC codes on Songtradr >




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