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    How do I get on one of Songtradr's Featured playlists?


    "How do I get my music on one of your playlists?!" This is a question we hear often.

    Songtradr's curated playlists are a great way to be discovered by prospective buyers, fans, and fellow musicians. While there is no guarantee, here is a quick checklist to give your music the highest possible chance to be featured!

    Featured playlist music must:

    • be high-quality
    • fit the parameters of the specific playlist theme
    • be thoroughly tagged so it is discoverable - More about Metadata >
    • be submitted so our licensing team get to hear and become familiar your music (Please do not submit randomly. Only submit to opportunities that fit your sound. This makes our curators happy!) - More on submitting >
    • have high quality, engaging cover art - Cover Art Tips >
    • have correctly filled out copyright settings - Copyright Settings >
    • not have dead silence at the beginning or end of the tracks
    • be professionally recorded, mixed and mastered
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