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    How do I share my music from streaming platforms? (screenshots/tutorial)


    On the day of the release, we email a confirmation of the release together with a link to your music on Spotify.

    But the coolest thing of all is the multi-links! They let you get links to several stores at once as not everyone uses the same streaming service.

    You need to start by getting a link to a track from one of the stores, paste it in either Songlink or Songwhip, copy the new link and start sharing with friends. Whatever streaming service they prefer, they will find your music. It is also a great way to easily get the links to specific stores.

    If you need other links than Spotify, you just go to the different music stores, search for your release, and get the link (see below how to do that in different stores).

    Tap on the ... on what you’d like to share. Tap the channels you’d like to share to. Options include Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Or tap "More Options" to share with other messaging, social, and file sharing apps available on your phone. Tap Post. Done.

    You can also choose Copy Link, in the Share options and a direct link is copied to your clipboard, so you can paste it wherever you like.

    For any song, artist, album, or playlist on Apple Music, you’ll see a Share button (next to the price). Click it and you’ll see five options: copy link, email, messages, Twitter and Facebook.

    Apple Music has a link for sharing, or right-click on the album/track/playlist to find the relevant link.
    (The links to Apple and iTunes are almost the same but iTunes has ?ls=1&app=itunes after the ID number).

    On Deezer hover over the cover image of the item you would like to Share and click on Share and share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or choose to share by email and send a link to anyone you know.

    With Tidal you hover over the cover art, click the three dots share. You can send a link by e-mail or by posting directly to Facebook and Twitter.

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