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    How long does it take to distribute my songs?


    You can choose from 3 methods of delivery for your Release Date.


    Standard Delivery

    • The default delivery time is 14 days. We deliver releases as scheduled but cannot always guarantee exact dates as each streaming platform's release policies may differ.

    Priority Release 

    • Choose a priority release to have your music on major platforms within 72 hours (*3 business days).
    • Learn how to upgrade to Priority Delivery here.

    Pre-sale / Pre-save

    • The default delivery time is 14 days. However, you will have the option to promote your upcoming release and launch with impact by pre-selling your music on Apple Music, Amazon, and other download platforms. Pre-sales typically publish 7 days before your release date. Please factor this into your release schedule.
    • Learn how to upgrade to Pre-sale / Pre-save Delivery here.
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