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    Distribution Artwork Editor - In depth


    Songtradr's comprehensible Artwork Editor allows you to upload completed artwork or make customized covers for your Album/EP or single.

    The editor can be found in the Artwork stage of the Distribution process.


    • Click Edit Artwork to open up the editor

    Use the search bar to populate images from Unsplash where you can choose from real photos from the Unsplash community of photographers


    Click Upload your own to choose an image from your device.

    Please make sure your image is formatted in square dimensions:

      • Minimum size: 3000 x 3000 pixels
      • Maximum size: 6000 x 6000 pixels
      • Acceptable formats are .png or .jpeg


    If you choose to use Unsplash

    • Type any query into the Search bar to bring up relevant images (e.g. sunset)
    • Select an image

    Add Text

    • Click New Text
    • Enter your Release Title
    • Enter your Artist Name
    • Select Font Size, Alignment, Font Color, Background Color, and Line Spacing if you wish

    Alternatively, simply click Insert Your Title and/or Insert your Artist Name in the lower lefthand corner and it will automatically populate

    Note: All artwork must contain your release title and artist name



    Add Text Design (optional)

    • Select a Text Design to add creative text designs to your artwork



    Transform (optional)

    • Crop your image

    Note: All images must be square dimensions to adhere to streaming platform guidelines.



    Adjust (optional)

    • Adjust your image's Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.



    Filter (optional)

    • Add a filter to your artwork



    Focus (optional)

    • Add Radial, Mirrored, Linear, or Gaussian focus to your artwork



    Save artwork when you are done.


    Note: If your artwork already contains text of the Release Title and Artist name you will have an option to ignore this validation during the Finalize stage of the Distribution process




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