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    What is the Difference Between Songtradr Pro and Songtradr Lite Accounts?


    Becoming a Songtradr Pro offers reduced commission fees and unlimited distribution for up to 100 artists on your account. Starting at USD$49 per year or USD$5 per month, you keep 100% of distribution royalties and can add additional artists at any time. You keep 80% of your licensing revenue and 100% distribution royalties. 


    Features of Songtradr Pro:

    • Digital Distribution
    • Unlimited Uploads
    • Unlimited Monetization
    • Mobile Notifications
    • Receive 80% of Licensing income
    • 100% of Profile Income
    • Songtradr Pro Classification 


    For those who would like distribution services for 1-artist and 100% of their royalties, Songtradr users can simply add Songtradr Lite for USD$19 per year >


    Become a Songtradr Pro >

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