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    How do I distribute a cover song?


    You can distribute cover songs via Songtradr if you have acquired a mechanical license.

    Here's how:

    • At the Songs stage of the distribution process, select which song you will be distributing
    • Open up the Song Editor
    • Mark the song a Cover in the Recording Version dropdown
    • Confirm that you have acquired a mechanical license and select Yes, this song is a cover and I confirm I've acquired a mechanical license.
    • Enter the original writers/composers in the Copyright Holders section



    *As of January 1st, 2021 (via the Musical Works Modernization Act) - mechanical licensing (cover) is not required for your music to be available on interactive streaming platforms like Spotify and Tidal. Streaming companies will be responsible for paying out all royalties to the publisher themselves.

    What this means:
    If you don't have a mechanical licenses for your cover on this release (acquired from Harry Fox Agency, Easy Song Licensing, etc.) - then you may submit this release for Streaming Services ONLY (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Napster).

    DO NOT SELECT: Apple Music, Amazon Music or YouTube as these platforms are not eligible, since they also operate and offer downloads or require sync rights. (Please note Facebook/Instagram may not accept your cover if you select those platforms.)


    **You will still need a license if you choose to make the cover available on your personal website, Soundcloud, etc or choose to distribute via a physical format like CD or Vinyl.

    ***In addition, please note - these songs will also NOT be eligible for licensing and sync services via the Songtradr platform if you don't have full rights to monetize.

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