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    How to Use the Songtradr Search Bar


    Intuitive Search: This is the default setting for our Songtradr search system. This setting allows searches across all data fields in our database, including keywords, artist, writer, song title, mood, genre, lyrics, and in the style of.

    Additional Search Types: Songs can also be searched by specific information (i.e. artist, writer, title, lyrics, and copyright owner) by clicking the down arrow next to Intuitive Search to access the search type drop-down menu.


    Additional filters available to help refine your search:

    Any Tempo: Select from this drop-down menu to limit the search results to a specific tempo.

    Any Genre: Select from this drop-down menu to limit the search results to a specific genre.

    Vocal/Instrumental: Select from this drop-down menu to limit your search results to male, female, duet, chorus, any vocal tracks or instrumental tracks.



    • Login to your account
    • Click Music Search on the left navigation bar

    Note: Ensure the toggle is switched to BUYER VIEW at the bottom left corner of the page.



    • Type a word in the Music Search field e.g. happy

    This will open up a dialogue box where you can select any combination of relevant filters for your search e.g. Mood, Lyrics

    • When you are done, click OK
    • Click the Search icon (🔍) at the right of the Search bar to begin the search



     Your search will be populated with songs which fit the parameters you have set.

    • From here, you can filter the results even further by selecting from the categories in the left navigation bar i.e. Any Genre, Vocal/Instrumental, Any Tempo or suggested Moods and Keywords.



    In the screenshot example, we have searched by Mood and Lyrics with the word "happy", then added "cheerful" as a Mood, and "friends" as a Keyword.



    When you find a song, you can add it to a Playlist by clicking +PLAYLIST, or License it directly from the Search.



    Click here for how to license a song > 



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