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    Get a Custom Playlist


    Having trouble finding what you're looking for? You can easily request a custom playlist from a member of our curation team and we will supply you with an awesome playlist based on your specifications as soon as possible!


    • Login to your account
    • Click Get a Custom Playlist in the left toolbar



    A Custom Playlist form will open up. Please specify:

    • What you are working on
    • Mood(s)
    • Genre
    • Vocal or Instrumental

    Click Next when you are done.



    • Leave a message if you want to specify anything further about your project
    • Contact Email
    • Contact Phone
    • Priority level
    • Specify if you'd prefer to be contacted by Email or Phone

    Click Send when you are done.



    We will begin working on your playlist immediately and will contact you when we are finished! 








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