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    How to deactivate or delete a Songtradr account


    Deactivate or Delete - Which is Better for You?


    Deactivating Your Account


    If you no longer wish to keep an active account with Songtradr but would like to preserve your files and data (i.e., uploads, ownership settings, copyright information, license and distribution history, song data and more), and withdraw any earnings without hassle, your account can be deactivated rather than deleted. This means your account, profile and all associated information will remain stored at no cost to you and will no longer be visible and discoverable on Songtradr’s marketplace. If you wish to reactivate your account at any time, simply contact our Support team to complete your request.


    Deleting Your Account


    Deleting your account means your profile, music uploads and all associated information will be permanently removed from Songtradr. To complete this request, contact our Support team and include a reference termination of your agreement in the subject line of your communication. In most cases, account deletion can be completed within 7 working days. 


    Why can’t I delete my account on my own?


    We review all account deletion requests to help protect our users’ interest and to ensure we are best serving their needs. If any of the songs in your account have been licensed, distributed or opted in to any of Songtradr’s monetization deals or opportunities, deleting your account means you will no longer receive important related notifications including any changes made by co-owners and knowing when you’ve received earnings.


    How long should I keep my account active so I can receive earnings?


    To accommodate most payment cycles, your account should remain active for 90-120 days so you can make sure to withdraw any earnings without hassle. Funds can be withdrawn at any time via PayPal provided you have a minimum balance of USD$10. Once you have withdrawn your balance and still wish to deactivate or delete your account, contact our Support team to complete your request.


    To submit your request now, please use the "Submit a Request" button at the top of this page or email support@songtradr.com with your login email.

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