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    Change artist name(s) for active releases


    If you wish to change your Main Artist Name(s) on your Songtradr release(s), please consider the following before making this request: 


    • Most streaming services will create a new artist page for you instead of updating your existing one (we do not have control over this). 

    • Artist name edits can only be requested on releases that are currently live and distributed by Songtradr.

    • Consequences:

      • Your followers and monthly listeners will likely not carry over.

      • Your play counts may not carry over.

      • You will need to claim your new Artist Profiles across all platforms.

      • If the artist name you have chosen is already in use by an existing artist, your releases may initially be mis-mapped to their profiles. (We do not have control over this initial action. If this happens we will need to work with you to correctly assign.)


    After carefully considering the details above, please review our eligibility requirements and click here to submit the request.


    • The Songtradr account has less than 5-releases to edit. 

    • Provide the Album title and UPC for each release needing the update.

    • Can provide the Album/Single artwork (JPG file - 3000 x 3000 pixels) with the updated artist name(s).


    Note: If you have more than 5-releases within your Songtradr account, or there are more than 5-releases that need edits, you will need to first takedown your releases and resubmit your releases for distribution under your newly desired artist name

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