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    How to Add Tracklib to Your Songtradr Uploads


    Correctly connecting Tracklib to your Songtradr uploads is a crucial step to ensure your music is cleared and discoverable for licensing.


    Please ensure you have an existing Tracklib account before you begin. For more details about Tracklib, click here


    Once you’ve set up your account, and completed your Ownership Settings (without adding Tracklib), the following information will help you correctly connect Team Tracklib to your upload ownerships.

    Entering Tracklib’s Master Ownership Into Your Upload


    In this example, we’ll apply Tracklib for your Master Ownership within an upload. If you want to add Tracklib as Copyright Ownership, go into the Copyright tab and complete these same steps. 


    Note: If you are unsure about which ownerships and/or percentages to apply, please confirm with Tracklib before sending those ownership approvals.  

    1. Click My Songs in the left navigation bar to access all of your Songtradr uploads.




    2. Locate and click the track that you wish to assign to Tracklib.




    3. Click Edit Song Details in the top-right corner.




    4. In the Recording tab, type royalty@tracklib.com and select Team Tracklib from the drop-down menu.




    5. To enter the Percentage, select Team Tracklib under Master Ownership and click Add. Learn more about Songwriter Splits or Percentages.




    6. Finally, click Save or Save & Next to continue completing your ownership information.




    7. This will send an ownership approval notice to Tracklib to accept and will show as Pending Acceptance. Once accepted, the upload will activate and Tracklib will display as your Master co-owner on the Approvals page.




    There is nothing more you need to do. Your part of the job is done. 

    Please allow up to 7-business days for Tracklib to accept your request. If it has not been approved within this timeframe and you need help, you can email support@tracklib.com or support@songtradr.com.

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