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    What is a Spotify Pre Save?


    Spotify Pre Save

    Spotify Pre-Saves are a great way to improve the performance of your release & the Spotify algorithm by generating listener interest in your music before the release date. A user who pre-saves a release will save (“heart”) your song on Spotify and once officially released, it will automatically appear in their Liked Song/Album section. 

    To create a Spotify Pre-Save Campaign:

    1. Access your Spotify URI (URI is a unique code that Spotify used to identity different tracks & albums on the platform) 
    2. Request URI by emailing support@songtradr.com with your release title and/or UPC code and we'll gather them for you. (*Note URIs are only available once your release has been delivered to Spotify and is waiting to go live)
    3. Once your URI is received, you can use this to create a Spotify Pre-Save Campaign that you can share with fans, friends and social media!

    Note: We are not currently offering Spotify Pre-Saves at this time.

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