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    YouTube Official Artist Channels and Digital Distribution


    YouTube Music is a music streaming platform similar to Spotify.


    For an artist or small label, YouTube can be a bit obscure and chaotic. All users upload their own content to their YouTube channel(s) and sometimes, third parties will use the content in their uploads. Should users select YouTube Music as a chosen DSP during the Songtradr release process, those tracks will be delivered and visible on YouTube after the scheduled release date. 


    YouTube content will spread out across multiple verticals within their platform. There is not a single point of reference to all of your content and it sometimes looks like monetization is not taking place when it should.


    • Art Tracks: Music tracks delivered by Songtradr Distribution to YouTube Music are made available on the wider YouTube VOD platform. Tracks feature still-image artwork instead of videos. Existing music video(s) for tracks will automatically switch from the still-image artwork and replace in the Topic channel, as long as it has been available/uploaded on YouTube for five business days or longer.
    • Topic Channels: Aggregated "basket" for all released tracks by an artist and always has the artist's name followed by the localized version of the word "Topic". Topics are neither channels nor playlists, although they share similarities with both entities.


    *In some cases, YouTube will generate artist profile channels called "Various Artists - Topic". If you are a newer artist on their platform, with smaller play counts, you may not be recognized yet.


    Are Art Tracks Monetized?


    Yes. Art Tracks are an extension of the YouTube Music platform on the "normal" Youtube VOD platform and as such are monetized for each stream, either through ads or paid Premium user subscriptions.


    Can I control my Art Tracks on my Topic?


    No, since Art Tracks are not "your" content (even though it's your music), but YouTube Music's and Topics are not regular channels, you cannot manage and control them as you would your own uploads and channels. Neither can we.


    An Official Artist Channel can tie all of your music together.


    Official Artist Channels on YouTube differ from regular channels in a number of key ways:

    • Art Tracks, as delivered by us, will be automatically synced to your channel and become visible on it as your own releases.
    • Your content will be automatically sorted by album/release.
    • Playlists for your albums will be automatically generated
    • Your channel is officially verified as yours
    • You get a Music Note Badge next to your channel name.
    • An official "About" tab/page, instead of a regular channel description
    • Optional photo gallery on your About Page
    • Organized video tab - Community Tab - Press Kit - Sell Tickets - No subscriber requirement


    How to get your own Official Artist Channel?


    1. The official requirements:
      • At least three of your tracks have been delivered by us to YouTube (as Art Tracks).
      • The channel is owned and operated by you (as label or artist) and represents only a single artist or band.
      • The channel has the full artist/band name within it.
      • There have been zero YouTube policy violations, strikes and/or warnings against this channel.


    Click here for more information regarding YouTube for Artists.


    1. Have an existing artist channel.

     If you don't have a channel already, create one. Make sure that the channel has at least the artist's name in it. You don't have to upload any videos (although this helps). High viewing and subscriber numbers are not essential at all.


    1. Apply for an upgrade to Official Artist Channel
    • Send an email to artist-support@youtube.com in English with the following information. Keep the reply business-like, but friendly! 
      • The request to upgrade the channel to an Official Artist Channel.
      • Your full, legal name.
      • The email address (of the Google account) with which your channel is linked. (It is crucial that you also send this from the email address (of the Google account) with which your channel is linked/set up.)
      • The artist name (if different from your own).
      • The label.
      • The link (URL) to the existing artist channel.
      • The Topic / Topic URL (where your Art Tracks are aggregated)
      • URLs to three or more of the Art Tracks; for example a selection of the most successful tracks.


    Please allow YouTube some time before expecting a response. If you receive a positive answer, it can then take time before everything is synchronized to allow all delivered content to become visible.

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