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    Song Edit Center


    Songtradr's Song Edit Center makes managing important song information simple while keeping the data in one place. This means you will always have ready at a moment's notice, information such as BPM, Key, all connected alternative mixes, ownership details or pricing, especially important when submitting for time-sensitive opportunities or deadlines.


    Song Edit Center Overview:

    • Login to your account
    • Click My Songs on the left navigation bar



    • Click the song you wish to edit



    Now you are in the Song Edit Center on the Overview page, from here you can:



    Note: Any Incomplete Data are detailed in these pages for quick reference and easy fixing.




    • Clicking Public View is a great way to see what information will be displayed to the public. From here you can EDIT, add to a +PLAYLIST, view your song icon (default is the Songtradr icon), view current stats, pricing offered and Included Audio Files.



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