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    What is a PRO Subscription?


    Songtradr's PRO Subscription Service is for users seeking additional ways to maximize their opportunities on the site. Becoming a PRO Subscriber provides many excellent benefits in addition to those available from the free service.


    Features of PRO Subscription:

    • Unlimited licensing deals
    • 250 submission credits per month
    • Reduced licensing fees
    • Activity insights
    • Songtradr PRO rating
    • Mobile notifications
    • Increased visibility with a PRO badge


    It's important to note that free credits (35 per month) and PRO subscription credits (250 per month) do not rollover each month. If you do decide to cancel your PRO Subscription, any songs you have already submitted to any licensing opportunities will remain in those opportunities for the specified term. They will, however, lose any PRO Subscription benefits such as reduced licensing commission rates and will be subject to the usual terms of a free account.


    Difference between Songtradr PRO Account and Free Account


    Unlimited Uploads tick.png tick.png
    Unlimited Playlists tick.png tick.png
    Catalog Management tick.png tick.png
    In-House Licensing Team tick.png tick.png
    Submission Status tick.png tick.png
    Submission Credits                      tick.png 35 per month                       tick.png 250 per month
    Commission Fee              tick.png 0 - 50%             tick.png 0 - 30%
    Unlimited Licensing Deals   tick.png
    Reduced Licensing Fees   tick.png
    Songtradr PRO Rating   tick.png
    Mobile Notifications   tick.png
    Increased Visibility   tick.png
    Activity Insights   tick.png


    Become a Songtradr PRO >

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