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    What do the steps in the Deals Board Notifications mean?


    ** As of February 8th, 2018 the Deals Board is now the Monetization Portal. You can still view legacy Deals by clicking View All or View Progress at the top of the Monetization section. **



    Songtradr's comprehensive Notifications system means you will always know exactly where your song sits in the evaluation process for each submission.




    What each step means:

    Deals Board Submission Received
    The moment we receive your track, you'll know about it.
    Deals Board Submission Reviewed
    Your track has been listened to by one of our experienced music specialists. You will receive a notification indicating whether it has progressed to a Shortlist or if it has been unsuccessful.
    Deals Board Submission Shortlisted
    Your track has been reviewed and has now progressed up the queue, ready for further review.
    Deals Board Submission Shortlisted (unsuccessful)
    Your track has not been selected and evaluation of your track is complete. Even though unsuccessful this time around, your track has made it to the shortlist!
    Deals Board Submission Final Selection
    Your track is in the final group which is sent to the client for their review. Well done on making it this far! This means your track is definitely pitch-worthy, so keep submitting!
    Deals Board Submission Success
    Congratulations! You did it. Your track has been chosen for placement and will be used for this opportunity.
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