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    License a Song for Your Video


    You've created your video, now for a hugely important part, the soundtrack! Placing the right music can make an enormous difference to the quality of your product so it's important to know how to find it and the rules around usage.


    Here are a few guidelines:

    When do you need to license a song? 

    • Personal Use - if your video will only be shown in private and will not be published online or sold, it is not necessary to license the music
    • Commercial Use - if you intend to publish your video online i.e. YouTube, Vimeo or produce it for sale, you will need to license any music used i.e. ensure all music is fully cleared by all master and copyright owners



    What types of licenses are there?

    • The sound recording (Master)
    • The composition (Publishing)
    • The lyrics


    How do you license a song?

    • Source and choose the song
    • Research who owns the rights
    • Request permissions from the rights holder(s). (Oftentimes, there are multiple rights holders, which means you’ll have to contact each party to obtain the rights.)
    • Negotiate usage and price
    • Draw up an agreement/contract
    • Organize payment
    • Ensure delivery of correctly-formatted file(s)


    Is there an easier way?

    • Songtradr has a large catalog of pre-cleared music from songwriters, artists, and composers
    • Use the platform’s proprietary search to find the music you want using keywords, genre, budget, etc. or choose from playlists curated by our team of music specialists
    • Prices are automatically calculated for each license type so right from the top, you know right allowable song usages and the pricing (you can also reach out to the owner(s) to make an offer)
    • All legal documents are automatically sent to you upon payment of a license
    • Song files are ready for download


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