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    How to change/add email addresses for Songtradr artist accounts


    Change your email? No problem. Let’s make sure your Songtradr login email is updated correctly. 


    Start by logging in at www.songtradr.com as an artist (seller). 


    • On your dashboard click Account towards the bottom left, or click directly on your profile picture at the top left, to open General Settings.
    • Click +Add New Email in the Email Address section to open a pop-up. Enter your preferred email address. 
    • To complete the update, you will need to confirm the change in the original login email address inbox. 
    • Once confirmed, go back to your Songtradr dashboard's Account tab. Check Primary Email box next to the new email address to complete your login details. 
    • At this point, you can completely Remove the old login email address if preferred.


    You are now ready to login with your updated Primary Email!


    Important Notes:

    1. Only one email can be used to login to a Songtradr account.
    2. To activate music, the login email address should match the email addresses in the account Ownership Settings
    3. This login email will receive all Songtradr notifications, Monthly Earning Reports and community announcements. 
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