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    How to Change or Add Email Addresses in a Songtradr Account


    Change your email? No problem. Let’s make sure your Songtradr login email is updated correctly. 


    Note: Only one email can be used to login to a Songrtradr account. This email will receive all Songtradr notifications, Monthly Earning Reports and community announcements. 


    Start by logging in at www.songtradr.com


      • On your dashboard, click Account Settings on the bottom left or click directly on your profile picture at the top left to open General Settings.


    • Screen_Shot_2021-02-24_at_12.16.17_PM.png



      • You will automatically land on General Settings where you can change or add email addresses.



    • Screen_Shot_2021-02-24_at_12.18.24_PM.png

    • Check Primary Email box next to the new email address to complete your new login details. 
    • Proceed by clicking Remove (to the right) to completely remove an email address (if applicable).


    You are now ready to login with your updated Primary Email!

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