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    Why should I upload Instrumentals and additional files?


    Let's say you come across a licensing opportunity asking for an acoustic guitar, mid-tempo track à la Singer/Songwriter, Richard Thompson - Instrumental Only. Great! You just happen to have the perfect track...only it contains vocals. Perhaps by the time you have contacted the producer to obtain stem mixes or instrumentals, the deadline for submission passes. This is a potentially disappointing scenario and one we would like to help you avoid.


    Having any additional files uploaded and ready to go is strongly recommended to take advantage of any opportunities which come up. Apart from showing buyers you take your business seriously by being prepared, you are able to fulfill any such requests without stress.


    It's important to know that Buyers often need alternative versions in addition to the full version of a song to fulfill the project's needs and being unprepared could jeopardize a licensing opportunity.


    Things to keep in mind:

    • Only upload files that are High Resolution i.e. WAV or AIFF
    • Buyers often need an Instrumental version in addition to the full version
    • Buyers often need 'Cleans' for tracks containing explicit material i.e. a version without explicit material
    • Stem mixes or 'Stems' are not usually needed but if you have them, it's a good idea to upload them
    • When selecting Instrumental/Vocal option for your song, only select a vocal option if there are actual words being sung, in other words, actual lyrics. Everything else i.e. aahs, oohs, chants etc. go under instrumental.




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