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    What is a Record Label?


    What is a record label?

    • Record labels are the companies that provide support to artists from writing and recording music to distributing it to the masses.

    Majors vs. Indies


    • Major labels are huge corporations that own several subsidiary labels specialized in publishing, recording, and promoting specific music genres.
    • “The Big Three”
      • Sony
      • Universal
      • Warner
    • Pros
      • Money
      • Large distribution network
    • Cons
      • Less creative freedom
      • Control some of the rights to your music
      • Try to take a cut from every revenue stream


    • Indie labels operate without corporate backing or funding from major record labels.
    • Pros
      • First to know about upcoming trends
      • Give chances to lesser known artists
      • More artist-friendly deals
    • Cons
      • Smaller distribution network
      • Less money
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