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    Factors to consider when not using Songtradr's Professional Pricing default to price your music


    How should you price your song?

    Before deciding on your license fee, one thing you can do is take a look at what other similar artists have set.

    Be realistic about how much you ask for. If you are an unknown artist or songwriter, you should price your music accordingly as you are inevitably competing with known and researchable sellers.

    Using our Control Pricing Fader, you can choose what price best represents you by moving the slider from low to high to populate pricing. Once set, your music is automatically priced based on the usage requirements of any buyer. There are thousands of different licensing possibilities and our platform allows you to price your music for almost any possibility.

    In the end, pricing is completely up to you, weighing up what you believe your song is worthwhile ensuring it remains competitive in the marketplace.

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