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    Proper song titles for Songtradr services


    Songtradr provides all the tools to accurately enter all important song information which means the song title  can remain what it should be, a song title!


    Jumbling additional information into a song title can lead those viewing your song to believe it is a work in progress and move on somewhere else.



    EXAMPLE 1:

    cross.png   A Beautiful Beach - 24BIT - WAV - VOCAL MIX

    Not recommended. Leaving song format and mix information in the title may be a useful reference for you but detracts from the product. 


    tick.png   A Beautiful Beach





    EXAMPLE 2:

    cross.png   So Much Love by J.D. Awesome Musician

    Not recommended. Use Songtradr's comprehensive tools on the song edit page to fill in all relevant artist and/or copyright information. This will automatically populate the song display.


    tick.png   So Much Love





    EXAMPLE 3:

    cross.png   And So She Was (Explicit)

    Not recommended. Although buyers like to know upfront whether a track contains explicit material, there is no need to add this to the title. Simply select Yes next to Explicit and this will automatically mark the relevant song as so.

    How to mark your song as Explicit >


    tick.png   And So She Was





    EXAMPLE 4:

    cross.png   “Beyond the Big Blue" (Mixed and Mastered by Supersonic Mastering)

    We love giving credit where credit is due and as much as it often takes a team to create a great sounding track, additional credits are not required for a track to be licensed.

    Also, quotation marks, either single or double, are not needed. Track titles have been designed to stand out on the site. 


    tick.png   Beyond the Big Blue





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