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    Steps to Licensing Checklist


    Licensing opportunities can go as quickly as they appear, particularly in industries where buyers have urgent deadlines to fulfill the music needs of a project. A potential sale can be endangered or even lost when sellers fail to ensure all relevant files and information are complete. It's therefore vital that your music is discoverable and ready to go at any time by ensuring all files and information is complete.

    It's good to remember too, that even if your music does not always suit the needs of a project, you can leave a positive impression with the buyer and lay the foundation for a healthy, long-lasting working relationship if you adopt a professional approach in all aspects of your business. Songtradr is here to help you achieve that!


    Get your music license-ready with this simple checklist:

    • Upload a compelling, good quality image to your profile
    • Write a concise, interesting and professional bio (refrain from using expletives or getting on your soapbox about what you see as problems with the industry/world/ex-partners etc.)
    • Ensure you are easily reached by completing your contact information and keeping it up-to-date
    • Upload only those songs with good-quality production as a poor recording may harm the song's chances of being licensed
    • Ensure all Master and Copyright information is filled out and all permissions completed by co-owners and/or co-writers
    • Enter any Registration information i.e. PRO (Performance Royalty Organization) info
    • Take time to tag songs as accurately as you can with genre, moods, keywords etc.
    • Upload any additional files i.e. lyrics, instrumentals, stems, mixes without FX etc.
    • Select your pricing preference for each song (Note: your songs on Songtradr are automatically priced to align with industry standards or you can customize pricing as you wish)
    • Create Playlists that are ready to go for sharing with potential buyers and collaborators
    • Share Playlist links on social media sites. It's great publicity for your music and business!
    • Check our regularly-updated Music Wanteds (located on your dashboard) for anything that may suit your material and submit your music
    • Opt your music into the Monetization portal


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    Good luck!

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