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    How do people search for my music?


    Intuitive Search: The Songtradr search system defaults to our intuitive search. This allows searches across all data fields in our database (including genres, keywords, moods and lyrics) for matches to any words entered into the search box on a relational basis. 

    Additional Search Types: Your song(s) can also be searched by specific information, including artist, writer, title, lyrics, and copyright owner by clicking the down arrow next to intuitive search to access the search type drop-down menu.

    Exact Match Search: To search specific artist, song titles, or phrases, add quotation marks to your search phrase as this will provide more refined results e.g. "riding the blue train"


    There are also additional filters available to help refine your search

    Style similar to single artist name: Enter an artist name or popular song title to find available songs in this style.

    Any Tempo: Select from this drop-down menu to limit the search results to a specific tempo. 

    Any Genre: Select from this drop-down menu to limit the search results to a specific genre. 

    Vocal/Instrumental: Select from this drop-down menu to limit your search results to male/female/duet/chorus/any vocal tracks or instrumental tracks.

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