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    What happens with ownership invites?


    Any party who is a co-owner of the master and/or copyright of a song and has been added as a contact on a registered user's account.


    Users looking to pre-clear their songs for licensing should ensure all co-owners are listed in the Ownership Settings of a Songtradr account with a login email address.


    The contact(s) will automatically be sent an email with a link to create an account. The contact must register for a Songtradr account to accept the consent request and to receive their share of any song revenue.


    Important Note: It's possible that the original ownership invite is null and void if your co-owner has not signed-up yet, so please cancel and reapply the ownerships to resend the invite to their new account.


    The co-owner will also receive a connection request for amendments to any party's information or to the license pricing of a song. If these ownership approvals get disconnected e.g. because the co-owner did not verify their Ownership Settings prior to sending the approvals, it's possible that those uploads will need to be refreshed.


    To refresh ownerships, simply "Cancel/Change Ownerships" in the Master or Copyright tabs within the affected upload to remove and reapply. For best results, use the co-owner's Songtradr login email to search for the correct ownerships.  


    Click here for an in-depth guide to upload, add metadata and use Songtradr's Content Management System > 

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